File preparation

Technical Specifications – Electronic Files

For CD/DVD files, always supply a printed proof for final verification.

Make sure to attach fonts in compressed format to all pertinent files.

The resolution of image files is based on the final printed dimensions.

Here are some indications regarding minimum resolutions required:
14' x 48' and over = 30 dpi in final format
10' x 20' = 50 dpi in final format
4' x 8' and under = 100 dpi in final format

All RGB documents will be converted to CMYK.

For pure colours, always give the PMS (Pantone matching system) code.

For vectorial documents, you must convert texts to 'outline' and save them in Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite 5 (or earlier versions CS1-CS2-CS3-CS4). Please note that we also accept QuarkXpress 8 or previous versions.

Ideally, please send your files on a MAC platform.

How to send us your file

All files under 5 megs can be sent by email with a jpg or pdf attachment for verification.

For 5-meg files and above, please supply a CD or DVD with a printed proof for verification.

You can place your compressed/stuffed files on our FTP site (File transfer protocol) along with a jpg or pdf copy for verification.

For most of our clients, we open a private-user account in our directory. Contact your sales rep who will supply the information regarding the opening of your FTP file: hostname, user name and password.

We recommend the use of the following software: Fetch (Mac) and Cute FTP or Filezilla (PC), with passive mode.