In the 80s, Mirabau introduced UV inks, which polluted much less than solvent-based inks did at that time.

Since then, most of our work features UV inks. In 2007, we started using biodegradable water-based inks and eco-solvent digital inks for long-lasting applications.

Moreover, a few years ago we adopted an in-plant recovery procedure for production waste, essentially paper, cardboard, textile and plastic.

The recent past has been marked by a substantial evolution in printing substrates.

Our suppliers now offer a number of products certified green by organizations such as CSA (Canadian Standards Association), FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative), PEFC (Pan European Forest Council) and Rainforest Alliance.

Moreover, plastics and vinyl textiles are increasingly recyclable, some even biodegradable.

We are currently completing a compilation of available substrates that meet the requirements of the new European regulations regarding the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restrictions applicable to chemicals (REACH for short). These regulations on materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics and textiles pertain foremost to the elimination of SVHC materials (Substances of Very High Concern). REACH works closely with ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) and environment-protection associations worldwide.

Green talk is nice, but green action and production are better.

Green substrates available now

Cardstock and papers that meet FSC standards
Cardstock – recyclable / recycled / biodegradable
Papers – recyclable / recycled / biodegradable
Recyclable corrugated plastics
Recycled corrugated plastics
Biodegradable corrugated plastics
PVC free plastics
PVC free recyclable polyester textiles
Recyclable vinyl textiles
PVC free adhesive polyester films
available in reflective, prismatic, clear, white gloss, white matte,
low tack removable and high tack permanent
Bio-degradable vinyl (textile)
Modified HIPS alloy (alternative to PVC)
Free foamed bio-degradable PVC sheet
Recycled PVC foam board