How we work

Since 1960, Mirabau has been the reference in very large format production, first in screen, then in digital printing.


In Canada, we were the first to market large-format printing on four-colour, high-output screen presses able to accept multiple flexible or rigid media supports.

We now print to sizes as large as 60" x 144".

Today, new screen inks allow for a wide array of special effects, for instance tactile varnishes, gloss or flat varnishes, structured varnishes, glittering inks and metallic inks, such as liquid silver and mirror.

We also use ferrous inks for magnet-based products, fading inks, daylight-active inks that react with daylight, water-activated phosphorescent inks, water-removable inks, thermo-activated inks, thermal inks, abrasive inks, scented inks, inks that react to dark light and scratchable inks.


Our cutting-edge digital presses allow us to make giant prints at high speed and high resolution.

We are able to print at resolutions ranging from 360 to 1440 dpi. On flexible surfaces, we can reach dimension of 192" x 1800" without seams. These high-performance presses can print at a rate of up to 4500 sq. ft an hour.

For the past 50 years, commitment, workers' skills and determination to develop new products and new technologies, be it in commercial or industrial sectors, have kept us on a course of constant evolution and allow us to propose a complete array of products.

The printed material we produce, on time and at fair prices, amounts to tens of millions of square feet yearly.

We also offer a complete finishing, packaging, logistics and shipping service throughout North America.